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If the assignor is in arrears with the secured debt, for example by failing to return the loan, the assignor has the right, at that time, but not before, to exploit its guarantee by exercising its power of recourse to collect the principal debt and use the proceeds to pay the secured debt. As noted above, whether the assignor may do so prior to the late payment of the secured debt is a factual issue to be determined by the terms of the receivables contract. The Virginia part was returned in 1847, a process known as “retrocession.” Retrocession is the restitution of something (for example. B country) that has been transferred in general or, in particular: There are two theories of the transfer of security, the theory of the deposit and an assignment with declaration of recidivism (rights of recidivism). The distinguishing element between a “seizure” and an “advertisement” is as follows: an assignment is an act of transfer. . . .

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