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Cambridge Public Schools Collective Bargaining Agreement



The announcement – a recognition that Salim says the district cannot get all the security measures promised until schools open – came during negotiations between the district and the staff union. Prior to Fort Wayne, he ran the Haverhill Schools for seven years. Robert Gilman, the current chair of the Haverhill School Committee, said Fowler-Finn was his best and most difficult superintendent he had ever known. Fowler-Finn set academic standards for Haverhill, increased enrollment, and employed a number of women for high-level positions. I guess this should come as no surprise to anyone, since Mr. Reeves has ignored laws in the past that do not suit him. (For example, there is no record of campaign finance for the very large donation from his 2005 campaign office, well above the annual donation limits.) Now you can add names like Patty Nolan, Richard Harding and, frankly, all the members of the school board because they ignored the open assembly act. Each of them could and should have questioned the relevance of entry to the executive meeting, during which a significant vote seems to have taken place – the most important vote carried out by a school committee and the one that should be organized in the most public way – the decision not to renew the contract of a very competent school principal, Thomas Fowler-Finn. There is no perfect plan to reopen schools this fall.

Each approach will make some families and collaborators dissatisfied and worried. My revised proposal aims to reflect community feedback while providing some families with safe personal learning opportunities for students with special needs. Personally, I`m primarily interested in math projects in high and high schools, and it`s hard to see from this plan exactly what`s going to happen. There seems to be a rigidity of thought when it comes to sticking to “differentiated teaching,” not to mention what could happen if the difference in skills in a classroom turns out to be too great. There may be a breaking point where the entire “professional development” of the world cannot lead to proper teaching for all students. This report simply states that “the Math Academic Honors option offers students the choice to choose honors on a single basis rather than enrolling students in a separate fee course.” A brief reading seems to indicate that the plan is simply to order advanced math learners to supplement their training with online options – something that advanced math learners can do independently of Cambridge Public Schools` plans. There are many people with strong opinions on both sides of this case.

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