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Cheryl Mills Immunity Agreement



This recent email surge comes at a bad time for Clinton, just days before her first debate against Donald Trump. Republicans said the timing of immunity was not intentional; They only learned of the agreements with Mills, Samuelson and Bentel on Friday and almost immediately announced them to the AP, which first told the story. Despite this, Clinton was unable to shake the email controversy, even after the FBI decided not to charge them in July. With this document Dump comes the remarkable news: The Obama Department of Justice would have to give immunity to help and confidante cheryl Mills of immunity from prosecution for all incriminating information on his PC. Earlier, it had been reported that Bryan Pagliano, a technology expert who had set up Clinton`s email server, and Paul Combetta, a computer scientist for a private company who then maintained Clinton`s email installation, had been granted immunity. In normal cases, the Department of Justice does not grant immunity in exchange for evidence if it is legally entitled to compel the presentation of such evidence. Incredibly, Mills and Samuelson, who are lawyers, were also allowed to represent Hillary Clinton in the same investigation that, we now see, personally granted them immunity from prosecution. Not to mention the fact that they were both involved as government officials when they conducted some of the conduct studied – a circumstance that should have disqualified them from later serving as lawyers for other matters in the same investigation. WASHINGTON – Congressmans said Friday that two of Hillary Clinton`s lawyers have been granted immunity as part of an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigations into whether the former secretary of state or her aides mishandle classified information. But Chaffetz said he disclosed the immunity agreement Friday because he first learned from the FBI. Chaffetz said that in addition to Mills, John Bentel, then director of the State Department`s Office of Information Resources Management, and Heather Samuelson, a senior adviser to Mrs. Clinton, were entitled to immunity. “It`s inexplicable.

The FBI has distributed immunity agreements such as candy,” House Oversight President Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said in a statement Friday. “I have lost confidence in this investigation and have taken into account the real efforts in which it has been conducted. Immunity operations should not be a precondition for cooperation with the FBI. Top Hillary Clinton`s aide Cheryl Mills has secured a Justice Department immunity agreement in the FBI`s investigation into the former secretary of state`s private email server, as revealed Friday by Congress, recordings that overlap the controversy of the presidential campaign just days before her first debate with Donald Trump. A source said the immunity offer came after the FBI interviewed Mills when investigators asked to go through their computers to see if it still contained secret information. Two other individuals have been identified as beneficiaries of immunity agreements. In addition to Mills, Clinton`s former state chief of staff, the granting of partial immunity was also extended to Clinton`s former aide, Heather Samuelson, who worked as a state liaison in the White House and then as a private lawyer for Clinton and John Bentel, director of the information resources directorate in the secretary of state`s office, according to the lawmaker. In a normal case, immunity from prosecution is never part of this equation.

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