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“One of my professionals was injured in a truck accident. We worked with FG to represent him and, in the end, the case opted for a significant amount. I always have my eyes open to a case to send them as co-counsel. -A. Webb, company attorney We have shared more than $100 million in fees with co-counsel in personal injury cases over the past five years. “They were co-counsel in a case of severe liability where the client was paralyzed in the accident. After making numerous statements and preparing the case for trial, the case was resolved and I received a seven-figure royalty as part of the Co-Counsel agreement. It was a great result. -S. Bader, Comp Lawyer Worker We have attached a standard cost-sharing agreement that we use in our cases. While we prefer to be brought into a case before a complaint is filed so that we can control the litigation in preparation for trial, we are sometimes brought into cases just before trial to serve as chief counsel, as we have extensive experience in presenting cases before a jury in the courtroom. In these situations, we are always open to other rates.

If you have any questions about cost-sharing or co-counseling agreements, send an email In situations where the client has already entered into a fee agreement with co-counsel and our firm is consulted to assist with this matter, the cost-sharing at the beginning of the case is determined based on the nature and complexity of the case and the difficulty of imposing itself in the negotiation and is recalled in a cost-sharing agreement. 1. the distribution is proportional to the services provided by each lawyer or, by written agreement with the client, each lawyer assumes co-responsible representation; 2. the client accepts the agreement, including the share that each lawyer receives, and the agreement is confirmed in writing; and at Fried Goldberg, 95% of our cases come from other lawyers who, based on our expertise in managing catastrophic injuries and illegal deaths, have partnered with us as co-counsel, particularly in the field of truck and commercial vehicle accidents. Many of these lawyers have no experience with this type of case, but retain a significant amount of success fees due to their role in maintaining the relationship with the client. We act as lead counsel in this case and present all costs and expenses, but we want our co-counsel to always be kept informed. We welcome the opportunity to participate as soon as possible as a co-advisor in a case. We are often called about the case even before the potential client has entered into a fee agreement, and we meet with the potential client to support the interview process and signing the deal. In these situations, both our firm and our co-counsel are listed as counsel of Record in the fee agreement, which establishes the distribution of fees between Co-Counsel. “You were my co-counsel in one of the most terrible tragedies when a family who went to the beach lost a father and a child in a truck accident…

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