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Protecting your intellectual property is a challenge, especially when concluding a common development agreement or “JDA.” If two or more organizations want to collaborate to develop or improve their products, combine or integrate their technologies or market a new product together, they have many opportunities to document their relationship. Turn off this option if you don`t want to receive updates on critical or time-critical developments outside of your email notifications. If cooperation is simple and development is minimal, parties can use standard licensing agreements and orders. If the parties are considering starting an active business and making substantial investments, the creation of a separate joint venture may be the best way forward. However, in many cases, a joint development or cooperation agreement provides the appropriate framework – the definition of a set of rules adapted to the relationship without overhead and the complexity of a separate joint venture. This first describes important points of the contract, which frequently occur in the JDDs, and aims to provide points for review and lists of points that the lawyer must take into account when preparing and negotiating a JDA, including intellectual property rights arising from development work. Mandatory field – you only see content compared to the countries you have selected. To receive our updates via email, select your language, themes and countries, and then select Save. Other topics and content are about to arrive. Engage is growing and we keep your preferences up to date, as additional content will be added. . .


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