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You request a complete blending of Fees for payment card processing for all merchant services charges (MSC) for all payment card brands and disrespectful categories of the underlying differences in interchange fees. If you do not understand the Fee Schedule or you have a question about Fees, or wish to receive unblended rates for payment card processing, please contact us.b. Delivery modes: You recognize that Stripe can send you notifications about services via its website or existence indicator (hereafter defined) or send them by email or mail to its Stripe account addresses. Notices may include notifications about your Stripe account, changes to the Services, or other information we need to provide you with. You also acknowledge that the electronic provision of a notification has the same legal effect as if a printed copy had been given to you. We assume that you received a notification within 24 hours of your announcement on our website or by email. Stripe data refers to API transaction details on Stripe`s infrastructure, information used to analyze and detect fraud cases, information collected and anonydized generated using data, and other information produced by Stripe or services. Nothing in this agreement should be interpreted to create a partnership, joint venture or other relationship as an agent between you and us or with a financial services provider. Each contracting party in this agreement and any financial services provider is an independent contractor. Unless a financial services provider expressly agrees, neither you nor we have the ability to attach a financial services provider to a contract or obligation, and neither party can claim that you or we have such capacity. Please keep in mind that you are liable for all losses you incur when lost or stolen payment credentials or accounts are used to purchase products or services from you.

Stripe does not and will not insure you against losses caused by fraud under any circumstances. For example, if someone pretends to be a legitimate buyer but is a fraudster, you will be responsible for any resulting costs, including Disputes, even if you do not recover the fraudulently purchased product. Even if we work with you to assist you or law enforcement in recovering lost funds, Stripe is not liable to you, or responsible for your financial losses or any other consequences of such fraud. We provide the Security Controls described in Section D.3 to help you mitigate the risk of fraud losses on your Stripe Account, and we strongly encourage you to review and use the Security Controls appropriate for your business.

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