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(a) orders and fees. The customer pays all the undisputed amounts indicated in the sales orders. Sales orders include quantity, room number, description and term for all services provided. Unless otherwise stated in the applicable order of purchase: 1) all amounts payable under this agreement are denominated in U.S. dollars and the customer will pay all of these amounts in U.S. dollars; 2) Fees are based on acquired subscriptions and not on the actual use of services; 3) the quantities purchased cannot be reduced during the current reference period; 4) Customer purchases do not depend on the delivery of future functions. AI will notify the customer in writing of any increase in service charges at least 30 days before the subscription period expires. For all offers offered, prices are valid for 30 days or the time indicated in the offer. Orders are subject to credit authorization and the customer agrees to provide the reasonably necessary information by AI to determine credit terms. 1.7 “on-site solution” refers to software installed on the customer`s hardware or services, as in the on-site solution board.C “software,” any downloadable client software provided exclusively for access to services.

5.2 Exclusions. The above warranty does not apply: (a) when the software is used with hardware or software that is not indicated in the documentation; (b) where the customer or third parties have made changes to the software; (c) software defects due to accidents, abuse or misuse by the customer; or (d) items made available free of charge or without evaluation. Their use of CFEngine 3 Enterprise software is subject to the CFEngine Master Subscription License Agreement (the “MSLA”). Please read the terms of this MSLA carefully and sign the order form to give your consent to the MSLA before you start using the software. 1.17 “Third-party software” refers to software and services created by third parties, including the Google App Engine and Amazon Web Services. 9.1 Property of NiceLabel. NiceLabel reserves ownership and ownership of software, services and all software, equipment, processes, facilities and materials used by or on behalf of NiceLabel to guarantee the same, including all patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other property or intellectual property rights. The Client acknowledges and accepts that NiceLabel owns all rights, titles and interests and all changes, derivative works, modifications, extensions or improvements to the Software and Services, without the Customer having any other or lower rights. The client does not acquire rights other than those expressly conferred by the agreement. The client cannot create derivative works entirely or partially based on software or services, or develop or ask third parties to develop or modify software based on the ideas, processes or materials they contain. All rights related to software or services that are not expressly granted to the customer under the agreement are reserved for NiceLabel.

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