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The AIS approach, which cmS now selectively uses, is to give the hospital time to focus on long-term, sustainable improvements while continuing to receive Medicare funds. • obtaining an independent advisory review (at their own expense); • transmit the names of the consulting firms and/or persons proposed (including their CURRICULUM VITAE); • Acquire expertise in the development and implementation of an effective quality assessment and performance improvement program; • benefit from the services of a full-time independent compliance officer on site for the duration of the agreement; • other conditions specified by CMS, including a new survey conducted by CMS within six to twelve months. 01.09.2017 – CMS has extended the system improvement agreement with Western State Hospital for an additional 30 days. In July, a 60-day extension was granted, which would have ended on September 3. CMS and DSHS entered into the initial agreement in June 2016 to address systemic functioning issues at the hospital and restore the focus on patient treatment and general safety. In May 2017, CMS conducted a follow-up survey covering all areas of the hospital`s operation. This contract between the hospital/health organization and CMS obliges the organization to carry out a series of improvement activities in order to remedy several deficiencies in agreement with the CoPs using an external monitor/advisor previously approved by the REGIONAL OFFICE of the CMS. The agreement gives the organization additional time to sustainably improve complex deficiencies in quality, culture, policy and procedure. The ASA defines the qualifications and responsibilities of the independent advisor/group and determines the content and frequency of notifications to be submitted to the CMS. The consultants` reports will only be disclosed to the health organization once cmS has approved them. CMS may decide, at its discretion, to discuss the results of the reports with the independent advisor/group, by telephone or in person, at the expense of the health organization.

The agreement itself is a public document – some examples of ASAs carried out in recent years are available on the Internet. The reports of the independent adviser/independent group are, however, subject to the protection of the privacy of the Federal State and the Länder. Many hospitals have similarities with this public hospital; limited resources, struggling staff, unprepared managers and insufficient quality monitoring systems. The ASA requires the hospital to obtain an external and independent audit of hospital services. In addition, during the term of the agreement, the hospital must engage an independent, full-time compliance officer on site. Once these steps are completed, the hospital will need to be re-examined by CMS. Western State Hospital and the Department of Social and Health Services have entered into an agreement with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to improve the system to improve patient treatment and general safety. . . .

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