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All conditions added to a lease must comply with the law. Learn about the conditions you can add and what you can`t add. How many times can my landlord increase my rent? Rent increases must not be less than 6 months and can only be made by the landlord after 60 days. If you have a temporary rental agreement, your landlord cannot increase the rent unless it is allowed under the rental agreement. The parties choose the above addresses as physical addresses for the notification of a notification, the payment of any amount and the possibility of taking legal action under this real estate rental agreement. Each party has the right to change its physical address information in writing to the other party. Such a change shall be made on the 7th day following receipt of the notification by the other Party. Any communication that the lessor must send to the tenant is deemed effective when it is sent by prepaid registered letter to the tenant in the property or left by the owner or his agent at this address, the notification being deemed received by registered letter 5 days after its publication. or the day on which the termination was served by hand. In exceptional cases, you can also ask the rental court to terminate the lease.

The court will decide which harshness would be greater – yours if the lease continued, or the landlord`s when it ends. It regulates accordingly and may order compensation. Temporary leases are in progress for the period defined in the lease agreement. Neither the tenant nor the lessor can end the lease before the end of the period. But a temporary lease automatically becomes a permanent (periodic) lease agreement when the end date is reached, unless you or the lessor announce to the other that you do not want the lease to continue, or you both grant something else, such as another temporary lease. For example, if the agreement states that the lessor must only terminate you one month in advance to end the lease, instead of the 90 days prescribed by law, then this clause has no legal effect in your agreement – the lessor must always inform you 90 days in advance, just as it is written in your 90-day contract. The contract must include, among other things, the names of the parties involved, the loan, a list of chattels, the start and end date of the lease (if it has a fixed duration) and a contact address for the lessor. Can owners ask for money? “key allowance” means the money requested by the lessor for the delivery of the lease (without rent, deposit or brokerage or lawyer fees). It is illegal. A landlord can`t ask for $100 before providing the house key, or a $50 deposit for a washing machine or money for anything that comes with the lease.

Temporary rental agreement: Running during the period agreed in the rental agreement, neither the lessor nor the tenant may be able to sell the rental agreement before. However, as with all treaties, if you both agree, you can amend the treaty. . . .

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