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(7) This Second Amendment can be implemented in two or more counter-parts, each being considered original and forming a common agreement together. Pfizer and Trevena want to amend the agreement to reflect their mutual agreement, as provided for by this second amendment. In light of the mutual agreements, conditions and agreements set out in them, and under other good and valuable counterparties, whose receipt and sufficiency are recognized, Pfizer and Trevena therefore agree: Pfizer agrees to fully support the technical transfer plan and implement the plan as soon as possible; Unless amended, all terms of the agreement remain fully applicable and effective. . This second amendment (“2nd Amendment”) will be tabled from this second December 2019 (“Amendment Effective Date”) between Trevena, Inc. (“Trevena”) and Pfizer Inc. pfizer Centreone Group (“Pfizer”). On December 4, 2019, Trevena, Inc. (the “company”) and Pfizer CenterOne Group of Pfizer Inc. (“Pfizer”) made an amendment (December 2, 2019) (the “change”) to the development and supply contract of December 15, 2016 (the “agreement”). In accordance with the amendment, the company and Pfizer agreed: (i) to specify, among other things, that the first “year of negotiation” begins after the month in which the company concludes its first commercial sale in good faith of a product manufactured by Pfizer pursuant to the agreement and (ii) to amend termination rights so that each party can terminate the contract if the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or any other regulatory authority does not grant administrative authorization for the product covered by the agreement by December 31, 2021. .

This criticism could be exacerbated by the still swirling questions about Trevena`s past behavior. Lawyers for Bernstein Liebhard accused Trevena execs, particularly former CEO Maxine Gowen, of misleading investors when she announced in 2016 that the company was “very satisfied” with a meeting with the FDA and that it had agreed to the design of a Phase III procedure. But the 2018 FDA review revealed that the agency actually had deep concerns about the design of the study. . Quote and financial data from Refinitiv. Fund performance data provided by Lipper. All offers were delayed by at least 15 minutes. . . . 12.08. (Reuters) – Trevena Inc :: TREVENA ANNOUNCES PRICING OF 50 MILLION PUBLIC OFFERING OF COMMON STOCK.

TREVENA INC – PRICED UNDERWRITTEN PUBLIC OFFERING OF 21.7 MILLION SHARES AT 2.30 PER SHARE. 6. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of this 2nd Amendment and the provisions of the agreement, the provisions of this 2nd Amendment are monitored.

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