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Unite Students Guarantor Agreement



“Rental agreement” refers to the lease agreement entered into by the details of the booking with these rental conditions. If you are indebted to us or any other company in the Unite Group PLC, you agree that all payments we receive from you will first be allocated to the oldest debt, which contains all the amounts you still owe under a previous lease with us. Obliging the incoming tenant to provide his or her own security with respect to the obligations of the tenant entering into the tenancy agreement; this Agreement and any dispute or claim arising from or in connection with the latter or its purpose or birth (including non-contractual disputes or claims) are governed by the law of England and Wales and are appropriately interpreted. If we agree to change rooms in another room owned and/or operated by a company owned by the Unite Group of Companies PLC, you agree to be bound by the terms of that lease (until you enter into a new lease). They are contrary to the rules of use regarding our instant messaging service, which gives tenants who correspond to housing partners before arrival (currently known as UChat); what usage policies are currently published on (1) MyUnite CGV and (2) UChat community policies (both accessible under www.unitestudents.com/terms/web-and-app/app-terms); or if you have agreed to be your student`s guarantor, your role is to help them fulfill their side of the rental agreement. It also means that they pay their rent on time and that they comply with our behaviour policy. You assume joint financial responsibility for the lease, which means you agree to pay your student`s rent if he or she can`t. require the incoming tenant to enter into a contract with us confirming that the incoming tenant respects and respects the tenant`s obligations contained in the tenancy agreement. The rules for terminating your lease are published on www.unitestudents.com/cancellation-policy and apply to all cancellation attempts. What will happen if my surety does not accept the agreement? At this point, we can re-market the space and, after successfully entering into a lease with another person, we are considered to be presumed that such an offer at the beginning of a contract of a lease with another person who will be the “surrender date”. We accept the delivery of your parcels and mail in accordance with our parcel delivery conditions (as published on the www.unitestudents.com/post-and-parcel-terms-Website) that you accept in entering into this rental agreement, unless you inform us otherwise in accordance with paragraph 16. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of the parcel delivery service, we will not accept the delivery of parcels and shipments addressed to you. At the end of your stay, you have the opportunity to participate in a check-out inspection with one of our agents in order to reach an agreement on the deductions that we can possibly make on the down payment.

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